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Slice 199 of 365

My oldest son, Mike, who lives in LA, surprised me today by coming home for the weekend for Father’s Day. I’ve been wondering for the last several weeks if he might do that. Between he, and his brother they kind of telegraphed the possibility that it was actually happening. 

At two separate times this week they both asked me what my weekend plans were. We have a guest with us for a little while right now who is staying in Mike’s room and my younger son, Joey, asked where another guest might stay if one showed up. 

Then today I had plans in the afternoon and was going to leave the house at noon. Joey wanted to spend time with me and do things all morning until he had to leave for work at 1:45, this was unusual. I was going to a coffee house trivia at 3:00 and was going early to sit and write for a few hours. 

So instead of leaving at noon I got in the shower at about 1:30 and when I came out I found Mike in Joey’s room.

It was a great surprise even if I did have a small inkling it was happening. When Mike didn’t show up last night, I thought maybe I was just wrong and everything was just coincidences in my head but nope, I got it right!

Until tomorrow…