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Slice 196 of 365

My first book interview! I have been asked to give an interview of my book and it’s not even out yet, yay! 

Of course, the interviewer is my main character, Jimmy Vincent, and it’s all made up in my head, but I’m pretty sure my whole life is made up, so, what the heck?

JV: Ice breaker, boxers or briefs?

Me: Cute, could we start now?

JV: That was my start.

Me: Yeah, uh huh, move it along, nothing to see here.

JV: I bet it’s boxers, ya know, because, you’re like, old. 

Me: OK, fine, it’s commando if you must know. Happy now?

JV: Ha! I knew it! 

Me: You know nothing, do you have any real questions for me?

JV: Dude, this is your little fantasy. You’re the one tapping the keys. 

Me: Oh yeah, I forgot. 

JV: Do you write commando too?

Me: OK, that’s enough. 

JV: You do, don’t you?

Me: Starbucks doesn’t like when I do that. 

JV: You sound like a pretty heavy drinker.

Me: OK, that’s it, we’re done. Time for you to go back in the laptop.

JV: I don’t want to go back in there. It’s small and hot and the other characters pick on me. 

Me: That’s because you’re a smart ass. Back where you belong now.

JV: No! I d on’ n t )!/&$/ ‘)/72 dark an ?.’&/83)/$? no wat r):$/):&7) no b thro m!?.&-$/):

Me: Poor baby. In. You. Go!


Ladies and gentlemen we seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties.

I’ll give you tech ic l diff cu ie


Until tomorrow…