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Slice 195 of 365

Why do we always have to move forward? I seem to always here that, ‘gotta keep walking’ or things similar. But why? I have lots of questions.

What if, you like it where you are? What if, it turns out you passed what you wanted? Shouldn’t you be able to backtrack? It is going forward, just the opposite direction. 

What if, you’re just tired of moving, in any direction?

If you move forward, can you go around big things, like rivers and mountains, or do you need to just keep going?

What happens if you meet Godot on the way? Do you wait with him?

Can I tunnel straight down? That’s kind of going forward. 

Could it be on water? There is much more of that available than land. 

Will there be Starbucks on the way?

More importantly will there be wifi?

I’m sure I have more questions, but for now, I’m going forward to the fridge.

Until tomorrow…