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Slice 193 of 365

Months ago, I started packing some things away that just sit around not really doing anything on a day-to-day basis, in hopes that the house would sell quickly. It has not. 

Today was the first day I finally needed one of the items that was packed away. I needed twin sheets. Fortunately, there was a bed not being used, and I was able to borrow them from there, rather than finding the packed away linens. 

It’s amazing, between what is already packed, sold, and donated, I cannot really say I have missed much of anything. Except, maybe being able to see and fondle my books. 

My router and chop saw finally sold, the tools leaving has been difficult since I haven’t been using them, its hard to say I miss it. But I do anyway.

I don’t know all the ins and outs, but a short item I read on Buddhism is that you shouldn’t get attached to anything, not even people. I suppose that’s much easier if you start out with nothing tangible. How you don’t get attached to people though, that’s a tough one. 

Obviously, Buddhist monks don’t have children so maybe they don’t understand how it works. They have never experienced an actual parental feeling. It would be nearly impossible to not be attached to your children, although it does seem it can be done, I don’t understand those parents at all. 

I could never feel disconnected from my kids like that. I can’t even imagine a situation where that could ever be the smallest possibility. 

Tangible items is a different story. I have always been very deep rooted in items that mean a lot to me. Over the years, and for various reasons, I have let other people separate me from those things. Why they meant so much to me, I’m not sure. Why they defined me so much, I’m not sure either. 

I was very sentimental. I suppose, to some point, I still am, but since so much of me died in the loss of those items, I try to just look at things as such, just man made items that hold no value. 

The memories or ideas held in the items aren’t really there, they’re in my head, and in my heart, where they belong. 

They’re always packed away, but finding them isn’t too hard.

Until tomorrow…