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Slice 187 of 365

My oldest turned 24 today. Got me thinking about where and what i was doing at 24. On this particular day at that age I was less than a month from being married but didn’t know it yet. We were in the midst of planning the wedding but eloped in July instead. Opa influenced that. 

I was working for Broadway Bank in Paterson. We were living in Wayne, 1282b Valley Rd. Tuesday was bowling night and Friday was take out Chinese. 

I had no real plans or ambitions. Just to pay the bills and get up each morning. I feel like not much has changed in that respect. 

After we eloped we took the money saved for the wedding and bought a house later that year. It was also the age I found out I would be a dad. 

It was a pretty busy year. A memorable year. A scary year. But it was a good year. 

Yeah, it was a good year. 

Until tomorrow…