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Slice 186 of 365

Every year for Easter I do an Easter egg hunt for the kids with ten clues. The clues are elaborate and coded in one way or another. Occasionally I will write a long clue in plain English and then look up a synonym for each and every word making it very difficult to understand. On top of that I will code it too. 

I thought it would be fun to do it with TV shows, movies, song titles, whatever and see who could figure out what. It may not be the direct synonym, it may be the synonym of a different meaning of the same word. 

So, here we go. 

One example for you: cushion lecture = Pillow Talk

Asterisk struggle

Monstrous intercourse idea

U.S. 3.142

Superb shaking

Chill give tepid

Crazy grown boy

Lubricated electricity

Carnal cottage

Stellar journey following formation

Dangerous homemakers

Before destiny…