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Slice 185 of 365

I’m writing on my computer today which I almost never do, not for posting at least. Usually I write on my iPad while on the couch goofing off. I’m going to real write after this so as they say, location, location, location.

I had trouble getting up this morning. By the time I was up and ready at 10:00 I was sorely in the mood for Starbucks and a bagel. Becca readily said yes to going before the question had fully left my lips. We go and run two other errands first. Getting to Safeway a man and his dog were in the parking lot with a cardboard sign which neither of us could read. We’d seen him there before and also had seen people stop and pet the dog.

We’d never stopped before because by the time we got out of the store I would forget and his position in the parking lot was by the exit and you couldn’t stop without blocking traffic. He was in a different spot today and since it was a quick trip he stayed on my mind this time. We got our breakfast, they were out of everything bagels, and on the way to the coffee kiosk I said let’s get him a water and a sandwich.

We finished up, went to the car and drove over to him and parked. We walked over and I told him we got him a sandwich and water if that was ok. He nodded and asked our names, his name was John. His dog was a service dog trained to sniff out explosives. John didn’t say so but it led me to believe he was a vet. He has a daughter, not sure how old.

I’m not much on dogs but this one was very well behaved and didn’t slobber on me once, for that I would bring him a snack next time too. John had two crutches on the ground so that led me to believe he was also disabled.

We stayed a few minutes talking and left, he started on the sandwich as we drove away.

I was glad Becca was with me. It was a small gesture, it won’t change his life but maybe many, many small gestures will. I’ll stop again if I see him, I’ll have to remember to ask what kind of sandwiches he likes.

Anyway, I hope I made his day better because he made my day better.

Until tomorrow…