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Slice 184 of 365

My last grandparent died last fall, Oma. Today there was a memorial service in NY that I was unable to attend. Her ashes were buried next to my grandfathers. I was supposed to send my aunt some memories to read at the service like my brother and sister did and I completely blew it. I got turned around and thought it was tomorrow. 

It would be hard to pick just a few memories anyway. They didn’t live close so seeing them was always a big deal whether we went there or they came to us. When I got my drivers license I would drive up and see them. Joey was a baby when Opa died so I guess she was alone for about 20 years. 

Mostly what I remember about her is her cooking, especially the baking. Butterkrugen (no clue on the spelling) and German potato salad stand out in my mind. 

She was firm, she was German after all, and efficient. My mother would clean for a week before she came to visit, that wasn’t even close to enough. 

When Mike was born they came and stayed with us for a week. It was their first great grandchild. Hard to believe that was almost 24 years ago. 

So Oma I have all kinds of memories running around my head and I’m sorry they didn’t get read out loud today and shared but at least I have them. I could have taken hours and hours to write, these are barely highlights. 

Gut schlafen, ich liebe Dich.

Until tomorrow…