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Slice 183 of 365

I am halfway done with my task of writing and posting everyday for a year. Technically I was halfway done halfway through yesterday’s post but this is close enough for government work. 

Six months gone by. What happened in the last six months? Honestly it doesn’t seem like too much happened. Fortunately worked has picked up, the house went (and sits, and sits, and sits) on the market, Becca graduated 8th grade, Joey went and came back, it’s nothing too exciting. 

I suppose the book is exciting. Getting the first one out there and writing the second one. Time is just such an odd thing that I don’t even know how to look at it anymore. 

That also means that I’m six months closer to hitting that 50 year mark. I’ve had plans for quite a while now to be in Paris, sipping champagne on the Eiffel Tower on my 50th but I’m not so sure it will go that way. Maybe fake Paris in Vegas will have to do. 

I suppose I could call this my hump day (said the camel).

Until tomorrow…