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Slice 182 of 365

It’s funny how the writing comes in waves. Here at least, the book writing has just been coming without much trouble. Except for yesterday I didn’t get to write, no time. But here, for the blog, I’ve been dry the past two days but last week I had lots of ideas and started several posts a day or two in advance. 

Today isn’t much better. I’m writing about having nothing to write then I’m going to hit the stationary bike while watching Jeopardy. I’ve read that you really can’t multitask but this will be truly doing two things at once. 

After that I hit the computer and work on Jimmy Vincent and his cohorts. My oldest read it and said it was a good first draft so far, couldn’t get a much better compliment from him. 

Sometimes it comes to fast I can’t keep track. I’m not very good at free writing, I have to go back and make the corrections as I see them and then I lose track of ideas. I might actually start a chapter outline this time too to keep track of what I already have. I’ve been keeping some notes but an outline seems more efficient. 

Ok time for Alex. 

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What is,

Until tomorrow…