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Slice 179 of 365

I tell people that when I write, I just write and I’m done. I don’t do revisions. And I do think that’s mostly true. 

I wrote an article for an online magazine once about working from home, the only thing I ever had a deadline for. It was only 500 words and the editor had me revise it three times and then she rewrote the entire thing anyway. I was paid a whole $25.00. 

The short stories I wrote and sold were never on a deadline. I just sent them off when I finished and that editor never asked me to change a thing. I don’t know whether she changed them or not, I honestly didn’t care. 

Jersey Justice, I wrote over a number of years with no specific purpose in mind and the other two or three I have started are also just worked on when I felt like it. This new project, the sequel to Jersey Justice (ok I’ll give you a taste, working title is Jersey Jezebel) I’m actually writing with purpose intending to actually finish it in a timely manner.

So this is a brand new approach for me. I’m through about three chapters and am finding that I still really don’t revise. I’ve gone back and read what I wrote to make sure it makes sense and check grammar (to the best of my current ability). 

Occasionally I change or add things. When I’m on a roll I just type and just go back and add details after. The details are the fun part any way besides dialogue. Chaos is fun to write too, but I digress. 

I suppose I do revise on a smaller, ongoing scale as opposed to finishing and taking a second look. I’m taking looks throughout the process. 

So far I’ve made no big revisions and I don’t think I will. And honestly that’s from pure laziness, partly from overwhelmingness too. Once I’m done I just can’t think about it again. My brain just conks out on the side of the book and waits for the vultures. 

Unless I’ve got some major plot hole or something is just really bad I’m making it my goal to just do it how I feel it and not by the rules

I have read many guidelines about writing fiction. Don’t use cliches, don’t be too wordy, don’t over describe, yada, yada, yada. I’ve read a ton of fictions books by a wide variety of authors where these rules are regularly broken. 

I’ll write the way I like, and something I would want to read, so there. The readers can decide and any critics can firmly place there lips against my gluteus maximus.

Until tomorrow…