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Slice 178 of 365

We are in Tucson for the weekend to see Antiques Roadshow today. Our tickets were for 12:00 and we got there at 11:00, apparently accidentally using a secret entrance, and missing most of the line outside. Which is good because it was already hot. We just followed some other people who seemed to know where they were going. 

Inside was another long line that looked like airport security. People holding all kinds of treasures (and crap…) from small to large. Most of it wrapped, covered and packaged. I could see a few things, small furniture (a small table in particular that reminded me of one in my grandmother’s apartment in the Bronx), paintings, rugs and such. 

Rumor has it in the grapevine line that there was a fire on the set this morning and they were behind schedule. No confirmation on that.

An hour and a half of standing in line and we got inside and ushered to a table where we were assigned tickets to the pottery and jewelry sections. Heidi brought some of her grandmother’s China and I was going to do my dad’s gold ring as a “since we’re here anyway” kind of thing and I was wearing it (I always wear it). 

The pottery line was very short and we were in and out in less than ten minutes. No gold nuggets there unfortunately. 

The jewelry line was much longer and barely moving. The rotund lady behind us had misplaced her ticket so I just gave her mine since we hadn’t moved in ten minutes and I didn’t think her legs could get her to the ticket table and back again either.

So basically we waited in different lines for about two hours to be seen for five minutes. It felt like a hospital visit except it was free and noninvasive.

The appraisal area wasn’t very big so you couldn’t even really walk around and see other people’s things. Basically you stand in line, show them your stuff and then leave if they don’t want to put you on camera. It felt a lot like the audition process. I wrote most of this post in line on my phone. 

Kind of feel like it was a big bust. Watching the show is definitely better.

We went to an antiques mart near the hotel on the way back. Even among the flea market and garage sale fare we saw more antiques there. 

Oh well, that’s life. 

Until tomorrow…