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Slice 177 of 365

The latest quiz I’ve seen on Facebook recently was the purity test. I thought it might be fun to just come up with quiz titles and not worry about the questions. This is my car fun while driving to Tucson. 

And away we go!

Which dead president are you? 

Which of your friends underwear would you look best in?

What pickle best describes your personality?

Which inert gas are you most like?

Which Star Wars android are you least likely to date?

What Monty Python line are you most likely to mumble while in the throws of passion. 

How well do you know your sewers?

If you were an engine how many horsepower would you be?

What letter in the word NASA are you most like?

Which hole are you on a miniature golf course?

If you were a butterfly made of butter what would your cholesterol count be?

Which Munster’s character best suits you for going to the gym?

Until tomorrow…