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Slice 176 of 365

I believe I’ve finished chapter two. The last couple of days of writing are on my iPad and need to be copied onto my computer and then I’ll know for sure. A bit of a story now emerging. 

I started thinking about other books I’ve read that had really great stories, or characters or just other things that drew me in. It isn’t always the book as a whole that I like. It could be just a character or the subject matter.

Sometimes you get a great story and just a sucky ending but it doesn’t even matter because the story was so much fun. 

The story could be minimal but the characters are wonderful and deep. 

It all depends. 

I want a theme to flow in my book and not have it be all discombobulated but the bottom line is if the reader likes it then I’m happy. 

Of course if a publisher or agent likes it I’d be even happier. 

Until tomorrow…