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Slice 171 of 365

My friend Dena is attempting to teach me better grammar for writing my next book. I know, what I would consider, basic grammar. I know the difference between there, their and they’re. I’m reasonably adept at using the correct to or too. I probably get my apostrophes right about 75% of the time. So for basic grammar I consider myself average or possibly slightly above. 

Author wise though it seems basic grammar is not enough. I always thought that’s what editors were for but they seem to want it pretty close before it even goes to editing. I just want to write and have somebody else worry about all the details but it seems I need to be at a different level before that can happen. 

I guess it’s like being an established actor when you can finally pick and choose your projects. 

It seems my biggest issue is not using commas properly around nouns of address. I’m trying to get in a better habit with that. Dena is going to give me a new lesson once a week because all at once is just too overwhelming for me. 

My brain just cannot take all that in at once and apply it. It’s too hard to be creative and have to follow grammar rules at the same time. It’s not that I don’t respect the grammar rules, I do think they’re important. I’ve just never had to worry about them at this level before. 

I’m also an incredibly terrible typist and that doesn’t help. When I first started testing software one of the programs was a typing program. My coworkers called me the anti-typist. 

I didn’t get my lesson today so I’ll have to follow up tomorrow. I know she’s had a few tough days of work. 

Late entry today and it’s time for bed. 

Until tomorrow…