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Slice 168 of 365

This morning I took my last ride to Heritage Middle School. Our daughter is officially a freshman in high school today. 

I wish you could see her. She looks so much like you, especially in her face and smile. 

She’s grown into a lovely young women and I have no doubt you’d be as proud of her as I am. 

She’s a lot like you, smart, sassy and confident. Stands her ground, won’t be taken advantage of and in general takes crap from no one. 

Her brothers have been a good influence on her and have really taken great care, and still do, of her. I think she realizes that more and more. 

If I were to release her into the wild today I have reasonable expectations that she would kick ass already at just 14. 

I’m always sorry that she didn’t get to know you better but I take solace in her having many of your traits anyway.

You and I may have had some issues but we definitely did one thing right. 

Until tomorrow…