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Slice 167 of 365

I’ve had the History Channel on today. They’ve been running Wild West Tech all day. It’s just on in the back ground because I was working but I catch tidbits when I take my 30 second breaks.

Every episode I’m usually surprised by at least one thing. Either the time an item was invented or the actual item invented or who invented it.

They tend to mix and match episodes. What I mean is there was an entire episode today on bordellos and prostitution but several other episodes had parts of the same sections, experts, etc. in other episodes where the information was relevant. I now know how early condoms were made, not fun. They were too expensive before vulcanization was an option for rubber, thought you might want to know.

People in the old west were just nuts in general. Unfortunately it hasn’t changed much.

I’m not sure it ever will. Us Easterners need to keep coming out here and breed them all out! 🙂

Until tomorrow…