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Slice 166 of 365

Well my daughter decided to attend her 8th grade graduation after all which is this evening. She made the decision alone and I think she really did think about it after a lot of input from a lot of people. I gave her input but didn’t push her. 

I’m not sure why she changed her mind but I’m glad she made her own decision. It’s just another sign of the maturity she shows daily and I’m proud of her. 

To be done with middle school and off to high school is a milestone to remember. Junior high, was what I called it, and grammar school were probably the worst years of my childhood. I was thrilled to be done with them and had no want to remember much about any of it. I have some nice memories of teachers and of the few occasional friends I did have but if it was completely erased from my memory it would be no big deal. 

I think she had a better time than I did and she’ll take away more, better memories which I’m glad about. 

A chapter ends for her and a new one begins. 

For me too. 

Until tomorrow…