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Slice 164 of 365

I made a comment last week that if there was an Olympic event for eye rolling my daughter would have no trouble bringing home the gold, silver and bronze medals. 

This led to my joking that I should do a post on Olympic events Becca could win. Apparently she’s pretty anxious for me to write it because she hasn’t much let up on it and today when I was thinking about what to write she mentioned it again. So, I’m relenting. No other good ideas anyway at this point. 

Olympic events Becca could easily win if they were real:

Screaming – piss her off and you’ll know…

Whatever – fastest “whatever” in the known universe. 

Laziness – by far the fastest “I’ll do it later” in the teen category, male or female. 

The look – you think your wife or mother-in-law has the “look“? Does it have death rays and laser beams while scraping your brain out with a butter knife? Didn’t think so. Gold for sure.

Debate – arguing is a good word too. Whether she’s right or wrong she will word you into submission for the ultimate win. 

She’s been training all her life in these events. I need to write the international Olympic committee and see what I can do. 

She better remember that this was her idea and that full permission was granted.

Until tomorrow…