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Slice 163 of 365

Rereading Jersey Justice is reminding of my community theater days. You start out very excited, first rehearsal, learning your lines and blocking. There’s always the one cast member who is memorized at the first rehearsal and you want to pull their eyeballs out. 

A few weeks in you’re getting comfortable, feeling good about the whole production and most of the cast and crew. A few more weeks go by and rehearsals drag, at least two people aren’t memorized and after 72 times the one person, who’s first show it is and has one line, can’t get your cue correct. 

Hell week finally comes and you’re thinking God is it over yet? This is because you’ve done it so many times that the fun has been sucked out. 

I’m not quite at that point yet but I could see it happening if I had to read it several times. And that’s because I’m not reading for enjoyment. I just don’t want it to become work. 

I have two pages of just character notes so far. I had really forgotten how many characters I had created, incidental and main, and how many people’s names I used in different combinations. 

I also came up with a list of possible titles for book two. I won’t let that out of the bag until I’ve written at least a chapter. Definitely leaning towards one though.

I’ve already had to change ideas for the second book based on things I’d forgotten in the first. Ive been making some slight changes as I go through, nothing big. My oldest son did some editing for more pages than I thought. I’m just past page 80 and his editorial comments are still there. 

He edited for content and grammar/punctuation. I’ve taken pretty much all the grammar/punctuation changes but not all his editorial changes. One line in particular he apparently didn’t like because his only comment was “Gross.”

I’ve read and made notes for three days now, everyday I have set aside the time I said I would and I’m going to keep doing so. 

I just read an article that said if you want to kill your goals go ahead and tell people what they are. Maybe I should be keeping my mouth shut?

I think maybe I have enough people pushing me and I’m far enough in at this point where I’ll just keep rolling with it.

Write, edit, rewrite, repeat.

Until tomorrow…