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Slice 162 of 365

Another Sports Night inspired post. A conversation between Jeremy and Isaac produces the question, “You know what sucks?” (aprox. 13:00) Jeremy answers, “not winning an award?” Which he has just found out he lost. Isaac answers, “I was going to say not being able to dance with my wife,” because he’s had a stroke.


I know we just euphemistically throw around the term that sucks for anything that doesn’t go our way, regardless of how small but then want is significant? I saw more news/posts about the royal baby than the earthquake in Nepal that killed over 7,000 people. That’s a very skewed perspective in my humble opinion.

So from my perspective a small list of things that do and don’t suck. And the first list are things I’ve actually heard or seen posted this week.

Things that people think suck:
No wifi
Cold latte
App not working (this was me by the way, amazing how reflexive it is. Not going to live in my own glass house without a stone in my hand.)

Things that actually suck:
Earthquake in Nepal

No sense going on, you get the idea.

The royal baby will never know a regular life, then again maybe we don’t know one either.

Done with my soapbox, for today at least. 🙂

Until tomorrow…