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Slice 161 of 365

Officially starting today. 

TV off, music on, sitting at my computer to read in case I want to make changes during. New document open for notes and ideas. 

I’m going to try and keep up with the slices because I made a commitment to myself and even if I am writing something else everyday I really do want to try and complete this task too. They may be shorter and not as well thought out, not that they all are anyway, but I’d like them still to happen. I only need 204 more anyway.

You may get tidbits of what I wrote that day but no spoilers. Well maybe not…

I already had an idea this morning for the third book but it may make its way into the second instead. Who knows. 

Let’s see whose names I use as well. Definitely already have the Villain in my head. How she comes out is anybody’s guess. Oops, did I just slip?

I suppose that’s bound to happen from time to time. 


Until tomorrow…