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Slice 160 of 365

Back from an overnight camping trip with my daughter’s 8th grade class, well just half the class, they divide into two groups and two trips and there are kids who did not behave well enough during the year to be able to go. 

It was at Mingus Springs Camp on Mingus Mountain in Prescott. There’s a road to the camp but it’s tradition for the kids to hike it. I was told it’s about four miles, two of which are pretty steep and narrow switchbacks. At the halfway point we just followed the road in. 

I have the health app on my iPhone which I never use because I don’t walk a lot during the day working at home. Over the course of the last two days it says I took over 33,000 steps, walked over 13 miles and climbed 70 flights of stairs. No idea how accurate that is but between the hike and walking around camp I could buy the mileage figure. 

The kids were good. They mostly listened and were respectful and good in general. A couple of small injuries but no major incidents at all. There were several activities for them to do after the hike. Then dinner and a camp fire. Breakfast this morning, clean up camp and we headed back down. 

Down of course was faster and somewhat easier but with my knee down is actually harder for me. I found a walking stick for both directions so I did ok. My feet hurt more than my knee.

The weather was beautiful both days and the temperature was great for hiking. I’m not a big hiker, I’m not sure I would do this trail again but there are a lot of shorter loop trails around here with beautiful scenery. 

I’ve already showered and napped, now it’s time to collapse. 

Until tomorrow…