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Slice 157 of 365

Really exhausted so just a very short, boring one today. 

Becca loaded my book onto my iPad today so I can reread it and get a handle on all my characters again. It’s funny you wouldn’t think you’d forget so much of something you spent so much time creating but I have.

Details at least. I remember most of the story and the characters and I’ve already decided some of the bigger details for the next one. I’m pretty sure once I get into the reading I’ll get re-inspired to write. I have had the feeling before and it ends up not lasting long enough. I usually get inspired at the wrong times where I’m not in a position to write right at that moment. 

I wonder if there will be things I want to change? I don’t usually do that, I write and that’s it but now it’s been a while since I’ve seen it and I don’t know if my style has changed. Or maybe it’s like being an actor, I just have to get back into that character. 

I’ll just see how it goes the next few days. 

Until tomorrow…