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Slice 155 of 365

The Internet has changed the way we speak. I remember in the early 90s being on AOL instant messenger asking somebody what roflmao meant. Brb, lol and omg have crept into everyday language.

There have been abbreviations for a long time, faq, pdq, pda. I don’t think there are enough to express how I really feel about things often enough so I’ve come up with a couple of my own in short order since it’s a little late.

WITB – where is the bathroom?

WTWP – what’s the wifi password?

AYD – are you divorced?

WDTDA – what does tinder do again?

NOB – not Obama’s fault

AYKM – are you kidding me

AYFKM – are you f***ing kidding me

NRAYFKM – no, really? Are you f***ing kidding me

WTHC – who the hell cares

TAOOI. – tired and out of ideas

Ut – Until tomorrow…