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Slice 154 of 365

I see all kinds of tests online, mostly on Facebook, and we can all guess how absolutely ridiculous they are. Who writes them? Who has time to write them? But the better question is, why? Do they generate an income?

What ever the reason I occasionally take one that sounds interesting or completely out there. Sometimes they’re fun but most of the time the questions do not offer a proper answer choice like, I don’t know, other or WTF!

So here I offer you the test test. It measures nothing and clearly means I have too much time on my hands.

1. What state do you live in?
A. state of confusion
B. state of insanity
C. state of peace and sincerity
D Texas
E. Other
F. France
G. I don’t know

2. Have you ever killed anyone?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. If I tell you I’ll have to kill you
E. Ummmmmm……
F. Texas
G. I don’t care

3. What is the best pair?
A. Darth Vader/Minnie Mouse
B. Wonder Woman/Harry Potter
C. Lucille Ricardo/Sheldon Cooper
D. Texas
E. No/Yes
F. Other/WTF!

4. What am I thinking?
A. I can’t say that out loud, geez…
B. Idiots, idiots, idiots, idiots, idiots
C. I wonder if I can get them to buy anything…
D. Seriously, why do I do this for free?
E. Texas
F. I wonder what the real writers are doing right now?
G. I definitely don’t care

5. Your favorite thing is________________.
A. Texas
B. Making fun of republicans
C. Chocolate ice cream wrapped in a cheesecake cone, covered with caramel, baked into a chocolate cream pie served in a Bailey’s bottle so it’s pourable
D. Walmart at midnight
E. Brad Pitt
F. The other other
G. You know…

6. Why are you still reading?
A. It’s funny, duh!
B. Nothing better to do
C. Really, I have no life
D. Squirrel!
E. Texas
F. I just can’t stop

7. Does this question have any typos?
A. No
B. Texas
C. Are you a typo Nazi?
D. Their does not appear too bee
E. I’m above this
F. No you’re not
G. Really?

8. Is earth doomed?
A. Of course, we’re all sinners
B. The voices in my head say the voices in your head emailed and said no unless it happens in a month with apples
C. Texas
D. The other, over there
E. And earth is?
F. Resistance is futile
G. God I hope so

9. Worst thing ever.
A. Al Sharpton
B. Hilary Clinton
C. Texas
D. Wolf of Wall Street
E. Olives
F. Any reality TV show
G. Have you read this?

10. Complete randomness
A. Batman
B. Texas
C. China
D. Alpha Centauri
E. Ping pong
F. Panda
G. Salsa
H. Dandruff
I. The alphabet
J. Alphabet soup
K. Alphabets
L. Alfalfa
M. Zebra
N. Root Beer
O. Out of stuff

Any answer could be right depending on how I feel. One million points for correct answers and zero for others. It’s pass/fail so one wrong means absolutely nothing!

Have a lovely day knowing what you now know and if you wish to share on Facebook you’ll have to do it your self because I’m not doing it for you, mostly because I just don’t care.

I hope these results have been helpful and that you have learned something about your self from this extremely painful process.

Nanoo nanoo

Until tomorrow…