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Slice 153 of 365

Yesterday was May the fourth be with you and today is Cinco de Mayo. Got me thinking about special days of the year so I did a little research. There is just a ton of stuff out there and multiples for each day, I’m just choosing at random unless something really catches my eye. I would use ALL chocolate and/or food days but for diversity I won’t.

January 10th is peculiar people day. I’ll have to make note of this.

January 18th is Winnie the Pooh day. How did I not know this?

January 27 is chocolate cake day. Screw that everyday is chocolate cake day!

February 12th is Darwin day. I wonder who created this day.

February 27th is polar bear day. Do they even know?

March 11th is World Plumbing day. I bet there is more of the world without plumbing than there is with plumbing.

March 21st is Single Parents day. I did not get a card…

April 2nd is Tell a lie day. Funny you’d think that would be the 1st or the 15th.

April 13th is Scrabble day. Everyday is Scrabble day, duh.

May 11th is Twilight Zone day. I live there, Rod Serling lives down the block.

May 21st is One Day Without Shoes Day. No shirt, no shoes gets thwarted that day?

June 5th is Donuts day. I donut eat them any more, OK, maybe once or twice.

June 18th is International Panic day. How they can limit that to one day is unimaginable.

That’s just some random days from half the year. international Panic day seemed like a good place to stop.

Might have to make up my own list in the future.

Until tomorrow…