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Slice 152 of 365

I was catching up on my boys podcast, I’m a few episodes behind, and listened to one they did on top ten kisses. It didn’t have to be first kisses just best kisses. It was limited to TV and basically their generation of TV but it was fun and insightful nevertheless. I always enjoy listening to them, makes me feel like they’re just in the next room. 

It inspired me to write a little lip to lip scene and see how romantic I could get in words. No title, not yet at least, maybe after I finish. Or you readers could suggest titles, that might be fun. If you do, do it in comments so everybody can see. 

Here we go. 


The warm, moist air wrapped around them like an old blanket, comfortably. The placid lake reflected the blue sky as it should always be seen, pure of heart. 

The sun dipping behind the hills danced with the light and tangoed with the stars as it set in its finale and left the stage quietly. 

Twilight left the air still, with darkness ready to take its place as a crescent moon (a Cheshire Cat he liked to call it) rose in the west just below Venus already glowing in the darkening sky. 

Legs dangling off the dock, their toes in the water. Being one with the lake. Being one with each other. 

Just being. No words spoken. The chirping of crickets filled the air. The water lapped quietly at the shore. Fire flies dotted the darkness.

He turned to her. Her faint silhouette lit by the moon reminded him of an angel in a painting he had seen in Rome several summers ago. The moment overtook him, he leaned in taking her face swiftly in both hands and kissed her tenderly.

Pulling back she looked into his eyes. His soul was old and wise. She caressed his cheek, moving in closer she brought her lips to his firmly and showed her feelings.

Going with the flow of the embrace, the intensity began to rise, bodies moved and splash! 

Laughing as they broke the surface, they clasped hands, their lips met under the pale blue moon and life stood still. 

Until tomorrow…