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Slice 151 of 365

The movie happens to be on now and I remember when I read the book how horrified and fascinated I was at the same time. I devoured them all after that. 

I also remember when the movies came out, the huge debate about its appropriateness for its target audience. 

Take a look at current reality TV and it kind of seems we’re already on a path that could easily lead to a Hunger Games type show at some point in the future. Plus the country being so divided, and recent riots seem to be more frequent that a change in power is not as out of the question as I had once thought it might be. 

At this point I could easily see being that divided and everything collapsing. Together we stand, divided we fall, wasn’t just a saying and wasn’t specific just to America either…

The story is more about the revolution and good vs. evil more than anything else. There’s love, adventure, heroism, coming of age, the list goes on but people focus on children killing children. 

Are they not paying attention to how many child soldiers there are currently in the world they actually live in?

What I find funny is that so many people can get so up in arms over these fictional things but realities happening right in front of their eyes can go on without even blinking.

Until tomorrow…