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Slice 150 of 365

I have been flooded with requests to yesterday’s post for the answers. Ok, flooded may be an exaggeration, it’s more like, a raging torrent. Ok, that may be a bit too much too, maybe more like a dry wash after an average rain… Ok, ok, there were like two requests, but this is a good, albeit easy, follow up to yesterday and I’m heading out in a bit for the rest of the day.

1. I applied for seminary school my senior year of high school.
False, could you imagine?

2. I auditioned for Woody Allen.
True.  It was an open call I thought just for extras. I stood in line for four hours in midtown, it was July, in 1996 I think, and it was hot. There were over 2,000 people, I finally get in and there is Woody Allen sitting behind a table seeing every single person who was on line. He took my headshot, asked my name and a few questions, made a note and said thank you. I guess auditioned may be a stretch.

3. My great grandfather lost his fortune in the crash of ’29 and committed suicide.
False, don’t know very much about any of my great grandparents. Who knows, maybe it is true.

4. I have done an off, off, Broadway show.
True. Around 1998 I had a small part in an off, off, Broadway equity showcase. It was only two nights.

5. I stole a car.
True. Stole might be a stretch, it was more like borrowing without asking but I’m not sure a jury would see it that way. It was senior year of high school and I was at a mixed gender, unsupervised, all night party.  We got hungry about 2:00 AM and there was no food in the house. I was the oldest, 16, and was the only one with even a learners permit. We decided to borrow the host’s brother’s car and head to 7-11. About halfway there the car died. We walked back to the house and grabbed everybody to come help push the car back, about a dozen or so teenagers. Out big plan if a cop inquired was to start speaking the languages we were all learning in school and claiming to be lost exchange students. We got to the car and it miraculously started. I made everybody walk back because i didn’t want the extra weight in the car. We never did get food.

6. I was married for three months when I was 18.
False. Almost had my daughter believing it though. That was fun.

7. I worked for an undertaker.
False. Ewwwwwwwww…..

8. I worked on four pornos.
False. Double ewwwwwwwww…..

9. I was shot.
True. Senior year of high school again. Walking to the arcade from my house with two friends when a juvenile delinquent, who lived across the street from us, shot me in the lip with a BB gun from his bedroom window. The police were called and there was an ER trip but it really wasn’t anything.I got a lot of attention for the next few days after that.

10. I can juggle.
True. I learned to do a small scene in Barnum somewhere in the late 80s.

Who got what right?

Until tomorrow…