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Slice 148 of 365

Heading out to see The Avengers tonight and very excited!  What is it about superheroes that excites me so? Or anybody else for that matter?

Part of it is from childhood I think. I always wanted someone to save me from a bully or my dad. Didn’t always have to be a superhero, a fairy godmother would have worked just as well.

Some of that continues into adulthood even now, especially the fairy godmother part. Not as many bullies as an adult but they are still there.

As an adult what I like to see is the good versus evil aspect. That makes for a much larger group than just superheroes. Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Rambo, and a multitude of other characters and movies fall into that category.

The fun about The Avengers is the group dynamics. Each individual has their own special thing that they bring to the party besides different attitudes and personalities. Superheroes fighting amongst themselves seems like the lowest spot of 1st world problems but it’s still entertaining.

And let’s face it, besides the good vs. evil aspect there will be awesome action and affects.

My Marvel t-shirt is clean and ready to go. And so am I.

Until tomorrow…