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Slice 147 of 365

I love Disney movies and Cars is one of my favorites. I love the animation, the characters, the story and the location because it’s based on the area we live in a bit north of here. Route 66 is about 40 miles from me.

That was just a cute intro, I was just thinking about cars today and it seemed a good lead in.

I work from home so if I drive several times a week it’s a lot. I have a used ’99 Lincoln with 206,000 miles only because I trusted the man I bought it from and it was a thousand dollars below blue book. It’s too big a car for me, I’d much prefer smaller but when you’re in a spot you take what you can get.

I do not know much about cars. I know where the gas, oil and windshield wiper fluid goes. I can fill and change a tire, change some bulbs, replace and jump a battery and maybe replace fuses, that’s about it, oh and I can replace the windshield wipers.

My first car when I was 17 was a ’72 Volkswagen square back. My father looked at it with me and said it was no good and then bought it for me without telling me.  I had that car for about a year and a half and sold it for $70 after I hit a tree three times. Yep same tree, same incident.  After that I had two Chevettes which also suffered incidents.

I was moved out now and finally bought my first new car, it was a 1987 Honda CRX, I picked it up on Valentine’s Day. I worked for a bank at the time so they loaned me more than they probably should have, the payments were $243 and change.

It was only a two seater and I transported way more people in it many, many more times than I should have. I had that car until we left Jersey and would still have it if it wasn’t for circumstances beyond my control. It was my favorite car that I have ever owned or driven for that matter.

A minivan came next along with the children and now all I really care about is that I have a reliable vehicle that isn’t too killer on the environment. There were all kinds of cars I wanted but now it just doesn’t matter.

From April until October there is a car show on the first Friday of the month at our local McDonald’s. Becca and I like to go look and then go for pizza. I don’t know anything about the cars, maybe a few makes, models and years but I don’t see them as vehicles, I see them as art work.

I have die cast model (1:18) car collection which I started about 15 years ago. I have 30ish cars. No particular style or genre, just what I like and what’s affordable. It’s been a while now since I’ve gotten a new one.


I’m pretty sure I’ll never have another new car. It’s just far to expensive and an extravagance I just don’t need. Besides I’ve noticed driving at night is already getting harder on my eyes. It would be better for me to live in a place with mass transit of some kind or at least more street lights than we have here.

The next car I’ll need to buy will be for Becca in two years, hopefully mine will last that long.

Until tomorrow…