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Slice 146 of 365

Friendships are a funny thing, you meet somebody randomly and say, “Hey, wanna do stuff?”

I have had a lot of friends over my almost 50 years and still do, although I was definitely a late bloomer in the friend department. Some were only in childhood, some were adult, some are still from childhood, some just passed through my life or me through theirs.

There are work friends, coffee shop friends, friends of friends, parents of your kid’s friends, acquaintances and Facebook friends I’ve never met. False friends, bad friends, good friends, funny friends (that’s me, eat your heart out Liz…) and bad influence friends (now that’s you Lizzy Tish).

Friendships change with time, or they don’t and fizzle out. They’re kind of like marriages but easier to walk away from I suppose. They come in all shapes and sizes, young, old, boy, girl, crossing nationalities and religions.

They fight, they argue, they laugh and cry. They support, they tear down, they build up, they tell you everything will be OK. They bail you out and don’t tell your spouse and don’t hold it over your head, well not always because you probably have something on them too.

Some of my friends had trouble understanding my situation (that would be you Matt) when I became a father. They just didn’t get that I couldn’t run out any time I wanted any more. Eventually they all became parents too and had that “ah ha” moment of recognition, several not that long ago.

One of my very favorite TV shows is Home Improvement. In an early episode (all my life lessons are from TV) a college buddy of Tim’s comes for a visit. He’s not attached, no kids and still thinks it’s college and he wants Tim to be the same, living the glory days. He does not get the family thing at all. Tim tries to be nice about it but it’s not working and Jill is becoming resentful.

And of course who comes to the rescue? Wilson!

Over the fence Tim talks (see 17:15) to Wilson explaining that he and his buddy have been best friends for 15 years. Wilson asks, have you been best friends for 15 years or were you best friends 15 years ago?

That was profound to me.

Some friendships come to an end but don’t actually end. Some come to that point and end up bouncing back. Some people were only meant to be in your life for a certain amount of time and vice versa.

And some last a lifetime.

Until tomorrow…