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Slice 143 of 365

8:17 A.M. – Today is Becca’s 14th birthday and we’re going to be out for most of the day so I’m just going to keep track with little snippets throughout the day since I won’t really have time to write.

She’s getting a phone and tickets to The Band Perry concert which she doesn’t know yet. It’s kind of fun still having that secret. They’re playing at Cliff Castle Casino and we’re going to Jerome for the day so that will work nicely.

8:50 A.M. – Gifts given and she seemed happy with both.

10:02 A.M. – Off to Jerome. I’m sure she’ll play with her new phone the whole time.

11:27 A.M. – Kaleidoscope shop first, which we managed to park directly across the street from.  Becca’s favorites place in Jerome. I was right about the phone.

11:48 A.M. – Lunch at the haunted hamburger.

12:34 P.M. – A piece of carrot cake the size of Cleveland was just served to us.

12:41 P.M. – Darn it I should have taken a picture of the cake, it’s gone now.

12:56 P.M. – Glassblower demo. This guy is lots of fun and amazing.

2:49 P.M. – Resting outside the Pura Vida gallery. Had some rain, still very cloudy. Bought some truffles.

4:04 P.M. – Heading for Cliff Castle Casino for dinner and the concert. Lovely day in Jerome.

5:23 P.M. – Buffet at the casino. Not bad, but not great either.

5:47 P.M. – Too much desert…

6:07 P.M. – On line for Band Perry concert.

7:24 P.M. – Finally sitting down. A little chilly. My fault not realizing it was an outdoor performance.

8:00 P.M. – Miraculously it started right on time. Ruthie Collins was the opening act. Never heard of her but she sounded nice.

8:54 P.M.- Opener over. They’re setting up for The Band Perry finally.

9:12 P.M. – Finally on stage. That took forever.

9:26 P.M. – Rain started again.

10:22 P.M. – Only one encore and it’s over.  Saved the two best songs for last.

10:35 P.M. – Met and took pictures with the opening act, Ruthie Collins.

10:42 P.M. – Head home in massive downpour.

11:50 P.M. – Arrive home tired and wet but had a good day.

11:57 P.M. – Try to post quickly and will not make it quite on time but my rules are to write every day which I did do, it just got posted a little late. Close enough for government work.

A very nice day. Basically because I got to spend the whole day with Becca and I think she really enjoyed herself and that was the best part.

Until tomorrow… (Or in this particular case of being slightly late, Until today…)