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Slice 142 of 365

I mentioned to Becca that today was her last day of being 13 but then I wondered if that were really true. Just because she goes into her 14th year it doesn’t mean the 13th has left, or does it?

Are the years cumulative? Well yeah, in the sense that your age goes up every year and the years accumulate.

Or are they independent? Each year it’s own life and it dies off on the next birthday.

Can I be 5, 13 and 25 all in one day, because I’ve already been those ages? Or better yet at the same time? Now if I were those ages at the same time would I be 43?  What happens if I’m 30 and 40 at the same time, is it 70 and can I be an age I haven’t even been yet? Would that be the future?

This may be the answer to why people can sometimes be immature. They’re really just using a younger age on that particular day from their birthday repertoire. The older you get the more you have to choose from.

When somebody says, “You’re acting like a child,” ask them exactly what age they thought you were acting and see if you nailed it. 

People wise beyond their years must be combining older ages. I bet that leads to déjà vu.

It make sense to add up the years because we carry those experiences and what we’ve learned throughout whatever age we are. I mean, I was potty trained at 2 and that’s kind of important so I definitely want to keep that age, ya know?

So if we add up all my years, thank you Excel,  that would make me 1,225.

Funny, I don’t feel a day over 1,000.

Until tomorrow…