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Slice 140 of 365

So after my car debacle the last time I was supposed to model at the college they miraculously called again and today was my first day.

It was just an open lab class, meaning students just came in to practice whatever medium they wanted. There was no lecture or instructor, just the model coordinator.

Two students showed up and I think the model coordinator may also be a student as well. It was two women and one man, all older than me.

There is a small, closet-sized area for the models to change. (Just for the record calling myself a model is super weird…) They can provide a robe but I chose to bring my own. Next time I need to remember slippers.

There is a small platform with lighting to pose on. The class is three hours, you pose for 20 minutes, get a 10 minute break and repeat. Poses change as the students request them.

No full frontal, not today at least. It wasn’t all that strange. The students basically only look after I’m posed and they’re about to draw, paint, whatever. Just two poses today, one sitting, right knee bent and the other on my side looking over my shoulder.

Their work was interesting.  The gentleman just did a portrait in watercolor, not a bad likeness.  The model coordinator did a chalk drawing and the other woman did some technique I wasn’t familiar with.

I brought a water bottle and a banana with me. There was an incident with the banana.

On my second break I had eaten about half of it and peeled it too far down so the banana was hard to hold. I was talking to the one female student when the banana started to fall and I went to catch it and instead flung it onto her workspace almost knocking over a cup of ink onto her work.

Fortunately there was no damage and she made a joke.

Being naked in front of students, no big deal. Flinging my banana (and not even a euphemism) at a student, complete embarrassment.

All in all not a bad experience and next time I know just what to expect.

Perhaps I’ll bring an apple instead.

Until tomorrow…