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Slice 139 of 365

Ok, I remembered one of the things from the other day that I wanted to write about.  

Score one for memory!

When I was a kid we had a small newspaper called Community Life. It was full of local stories and ads for church bazaars, school lunches, fire department activities and 1/2 off sales at the hardware store. 

It was still a big deal to get your picture in the paper in the 70s, for us kids at least. I used to get in a couple of times a year for Boy Scouts, baseball or some other such thing. 

Two years in a row I was on the front page, under the fold, for Boy Scouts. My group had won the Klondike derby. It was a sled race at camp Gaw. We had to build sleds, like dog sleds, and race from station to station performing different survival skills. The second year there was no snow and we had to carry the sled. It was frigid that year. 

I used to keep those articles and other things in a scrapbook. Which, incidentally, I made at Boy Scouts and got my bookbinding merit badge. Yes, a bookbinding merit badge. It’s mind blowing what there are merit badges for. 

I was unable to find his name but there was an older columnist who used to write about when he was a child in Bergen county in the 20s. Not sure if he’s around any more. I remember liking his column, even as a kid, and thinking how simple it was. 

Maybe I liked it because I was a kid and even though it was several generations difference life was still simpler then than it is now, so his life experiences had a sense of the present, even from the past. 

I thought it would be fun to write a column like that someday but never really looked into writing as a profession, don’t really know why. Now anybody can have a blog and do basically the same thing. 

These days with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and all the other social media this generation is used to being on the front page all the time. Their entire lives are out there for people to see 25/8. There are such things as YouTube stars. That just boggles my mind.

I feel a certain sense of irony as this entry will post to Facebook and Twitter automatically after being posted.

Oh well, it is what it is. 

Until tomorrow…