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Slice 138 of 365

Small talk.

I can’t stand small talk. Especially forced, faked, scripted small talk. It seems to be all over the service industry the past few years, or at least that’s when I finally noticed it. 

I was in the bank today and there was one person in line ahead of me and one person already at the teller counter. While in line one of the customer service reps came over and asked, “How’s your day going?” We both mumbled something that vaguely resembled the English language. 

He smiled and said, “Thats great! Can I get you something, coffee, water?” When did the bank become a cafe?

I finally made it to the teller and got another, “How’s your day going?” While processing my transaction she asked, “Got any plans after me?” 

It would be different if the conversation was natural and sincere but I’ve heard these exact same lines from different tellers. 

The only time I don’t get the script is when it’s somebody I actually know or somebody I’ve dealt with for years already. Same thing at the grocery store. Cashiers I’ve known and seen for years I get real conversation, newbies it’s the stiff act. 

Even when I get solicitation calls at home from telemarketers they start with, “How’s your day going?”  

Did somebody do a survey on the best language to use to alienate people?

Please tell me I’m not the only one to despise the plasticity of this marketing technique?

I don’t like being handled and that’s how I feel immediately when the script starts, like they’re trying to be my friend so they can catch me off guard and sell me something I don’t need.

Sincerity works much better on me. 

There is definitely a sweet science and a certain amount of genius to marketing but keep it the hell away from me. 

So, how’s your day going?

Until tomorrow….