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Slice 136 of 365

I swear, at least 13 times today I had ideas of things to write about and now that I’m here I can’t think of any of them. Not the full ideas at least. 

One idea had something to do with our small local community paper when I was a kid. It was called Community Life and there was a columnist I liked that I had some idea about writing about. 

Then my daughter told me I said I was going to write about prom and I said no you wanted me to write about prom. Our local high school prom was this past week. Not a bad subject but I hadn’t really thought it through yet. 

Then there was something about cooking and farmer’s markets. There were at least two ideas on yard work and one parody of best of lists. 

But all of them went away to the place in my mind where things get lost. That place is getting larger. It would be nice if it was a lost and found but unfortunately it’s just a lost. It’s cold and dark in there, I don’t like it in there. 

I think I’m done, I’ve just forgotten why I even started this. 

Until, um, wait I know this…, oh yeah!

Until tomorrow…