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Slice 135 of 365 

(Picture is slightly different view just for clarity)

I am in need of a nap and after having a busy morning I am just vegging on the couch. So with no brain power or ideas I’ve decided to just take a look out my window and let ‘er go where she feels like going. 

It’s a windy day. Spring in the mountains of AZ is normally windy. When I say windy I mean sustained winds of 10-20 mph with gusts up to 40 or more with plenty of dust devils and tumble weeds. 

Right outside the window is a rose bush that no matter how many times I clip it to the ground it comes back with a vengeance. Birds like to rest there and they look In the window. I imagine they’re looking in at me and saying hello but most likely they’re just seeing their own reflection. 

Beyond that I can see the top of the old swing set.  Old is relative I suppose. It was a birthday gift for my daughter when she was 5ish and she turns 14 next week. I can see rusty spots and some small bends in the top of the frame. I can’t see it from right here but I know one of the swings is broken and there are weeds growing all around it. 

Past that to the left I can see half a tree with most of the top filled with dead wood. Below it the newly green leaves blowIng hard in the wind. Birds land, rest and feed in both the live and dead branches. 

A few steps from that tree, behind the swing set, is a chicken coop I’ve never used, it was here when we moved in. I can see the failing top of the coop and the rotting frame basically just held together with chicken wire now. There is a small tree in the enclosure with the crown dying off. 

Across the yard behind that fowl cage is the wire fence indicating the property line. There is no street behind us, it’s just a grassy area 20 or so feet wide before the next property starts. After that I can see parts of several houses and some trees in the distance. 

Looking up I see an array of clouds moving through the clear blue sky, the wind blowing and changing their position and formations quickly.  The cottony puffs, shades of white, gray and black, dancing through the sky by way of the windward symphony. 

Really not a bad view at all, not at all.

Until tomorrow…