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Slice 134 of 365

I was working on a statistics book this week for work and it got me thinking about numbers and stuff. So I did a little research. 

53% of all writers are gay who don’t believe in the Oxford comma but do believe in two spaces after periods.

67% of all commercials are subliminally telling you to eat artichokes. Nobody knows why. 

33% of all college students spill their beers while in class. 

13% of all republicans can actually read and write. 

87% of all drivers think the little stick on the drive column (the turn signal indicator) is like the appendix and has no use. 

27% of all teens will literately die if they lose wifi. 

92% of parents don’t know how to set up their wifi. 

74% of all Americans don’t know who the Secretary of State is but can name the cast of Jersey Shore. 

56% of grade schoolers couldn’t find the Jersey Shore on a map because they think it’s just a TV show.  

69% of you think some of these statistics are real. 

41% of you nodded your head yes at that.

56% of you are shaking your heads now damning me to hell. 

By the way there is a 100% chance that I made all this up.

Until tomorrow