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Slice 133 of 365

My daughter graduates from 8th grade next month. She doesn’t want to attend the ceremony for two reasons: she sees it as unnecessary and she would miss a dance class. In all fairness her school has an overnight camping trip the following week and she will miss a dance class for that too and recital is coming up. 

My parental instincts want to immediately say that of course she has to go to grad, it’s a rite of passage and blah, blah, blah. But I gotta tell ya, if I had the option of skipping my own 8th grade commencement I would have done so in a nano second.  I wore a green denim suit, it was 1979, and for that reason alone I have carried a lifetime of shame. 

I feel like her brothers went and she should go too but that’s a pretty lame argument. Then I think what if the boys had asked not to go the to their ceremonies, what would I have said? I probably would have insisted they go honestly, just because it’s what you do when you graduate 8th grade. Does that mean I make her go to? Or have I grown and changed since then to more understand her argument? Or perhaps I’m just too tired and she beat me down. 

It’s not like missing graduation will hurt anything. Her brothers are out of town and I’d be the only one missing it. About the only thing I wouldn’t have if she skipped it would be pictures. You’d think I’d be jumping for joy not having to attend, gatherings like that are so not my thing, but I guess I do have mixed feelings about it. 

I dislike when she attacks me with logic, who taught her that anyway?

I need to ruminate on this a while longer. 

Until tomorrow…