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Slice 131 of 365

Two years ago the world lost a most amazing human being in Julie, and I lost a very dear friend and confidante.

We’re several years apart but I think we first met when she was in 7th grade which would have made me a sophomore. I think it was in Mr. Schuck’s summer band program at George White school. She played trumpet and I was probably playing tuba, maybe clarinet too. 

It was when she became a freshmen and I was a senior that we struck up the friendship that would endure past both our graduations. Toss Deanna in there and it was a party.

Dea was a year ahead of Jules and two behind me but for that one year we were often the there musketeers. The laughing and talking we did that year I don’t think I’ve ever had since. Band, late night three-way phone conversations, the Game Center, MTV or just hanging out was all we needed. 

There would be too many stories and adventures to tell and too many inside jokes that not many people would get but they’re all in my head to be recalled whenever I need a smile. They were both there with me the night I got shot. Don’t get all in frenzy, it was just a BB gun but the next day in school they were telling everybody.

We stayed in touch after high school. It was harder in those days with only home phones and answering machines but we managed off and on. I lost touch with Dea until reconnecting on Facebook a few years ago along with much of the band. 

Jules and I were in contact for much of the time on and off and then Facebook made it more of daily contact again. Much of the laughter and memories were back and enjoyed all over again. 

She had always had health issues and in high school she had open heart surgery. I got us one of those best friend necklaces that was a heart split in two and gave her half before she went in. 

Two years ago she posted that she was going in the hospital which was sudden but not really unusual due to her health issues. The next day her husband posted that she was gone and I got a phone call from another high school friend and then all the other posts started. I don’t like the phone but I started making calls too. 

I couldn’t make the funeral but I was in Jersey last summer. I took my half of the heart with me. We had a little “thinking” place we would hang out at sometimes.  I snuck away there one day for an hour and buried it there. 

I never met her husband and I only met her son once. I think about them often every time I remember something or just feel like talking to her or telling her a joke. She had such a great laugh and a smile a hundred miles wide. 

Julie smiled a lot. 

The thing about Julie is, that she was that true, pure, quintessential person who would do anything for you. She was an angel and that was her nickname, given so by Dea I think. 

So my dear angel, you have many, many people here thinking of you often and trying to smile at the memories instead of crying at the loss. 

Until tomorrow…