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Slice 130 of 365

I have been thinking about phone apps and how come there are so many we don’t have yet. So app developers, I have a small list below of what I’d really like to see very soon if you don’t mind. 

Don’t eat that! – an app that every time you touch something beyond a set caloric limit your phone shocks you.

Crazy eyes – take a picture of any person and they will be rated on an accurate crazy scale from “you are the bad influence on them” to “you will go to jail if you befriend this person”.

Don’t date that! – basically the same as above but also with dating statistics, reviews and pros and cons. 

Can you see me now? – invisibility app, pretty self explanatory. 

Luke Skywalker – an app that turns your phone into a light saber. I suppose for protection but basically it would just be cool as hell. 

Yes/no – an app where you can take a picture of anyone and know immediately if they’re into you or not.

Einstein – you point your phone at anyone and get their IQ. 

Reverse beer goggles – an app correcting your beer goggle vision by looking through your camera viewfinder.

And lastly,

Dark Knight – a bat signal beams into the sky to summon the caped crusader or Adam West, whoever shows up first. 

Until tomorrow…