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Slice 129 of 365

I saw a quote on Facebook yesterday that inspired today’s post.

“If you only knew how much those little moments with you mattered to me.”

There are a ton of people I’ve had the simplest of moments with that have stuck with me over the years, many of them for decades. 

I’m going to pull a few out of my hat using initials only to protect the semi-innocent.

It’s funny that the moments can mean so much to one person and the other person involved not even remember it. I’ve had that happen more than once and I’m not even sure how to feel about it. I remember the moments regardless.  

D.O. – Kisses in the rain. Probably the most perfect little moment ever. 

J.F. – After the arcade one night sitting in the car at your house when I was dropping you off and we we’re listening to Bill Cosby and the Noah bit came on and we both did it word for word and couldn’t stop laughing.

A.M. – They were all perfect little moments. 

J.N – Kissing on stage. I always knew that meant more to me. 

M.J. – The very first time, and not many in between, that I made you laugh.

D.E. – The time you asked me if I was ok.

H.G. – The time you said you did want me in your life even if you didn’t mean it.

E.B. – Every time you say, “No innie,” and giggle.

D.J. – Every time you say I’m a writer.

H.O. – When you brought me roses for my birthday.

A.G. – Being there the night Lisa died, I’ll never forget it…

G.M. – kissing my cheek at my 16th birthday party. 

My kids – pretty much all of the moments, even the bad ones.

Some of these are small, some are big, some in between but they were moments in time not forgotten and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

So never let a small moment go by. You never know what it may mean to the other person. 

Until tomorrow…