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Slice 125 of 365

This came about in a roundabout way. I’m exhausted, no energy at all so I started to write, “I’m tired.”  Then I was going to make a pun asking if retired was your life after working or was it just being tired again? Then I started rearranging the letters in my head and got tried and it turned into, “I tried to be tired while retiring my tire that tried to be tired and retired”.

When the kids were little sometimes in the car we would make up tongue twisters. Mostly it was just me because they’d be laughing too hard to talk. They would pick a letter and I would just go with as many words as I could with the same letter and as fast as I could. I used to read Dr. Seuss books as fast as I could too. I’m not as good any more but I am also out of practice. 

So I’m going to write a few tongue twisters and retire

Lola likes Layla’s lattice but Layla loves Lola’s lettuce, Louie loathes Layla and Lola but lives for the latter. 

How Howard heard his honey humming horrified Hortense humbling her honorably. 

Did Dena dread dying or did Dena dread dreadlocks or did Dena dread dying in dreadlocks or did Dena dread red dreadlocks or did Dena dread dying in red dreadlocks or had Dena read about red dreadlocks?

Isabella likes ice cream. Ichabod licks Isabella’s ice cream.  Isabella likes Ichabod. Ichabod loves Ike. Isabella is incensed. Ideally ice cream is inadvertently infinite.

Until tomorrow…