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Slice 123 of 365

I happened to catch a little bit of a rerun of The Love Boat this morning (Yep, still have TV…). It reminded me that I did once have a TV crush on the lovely Julie McCoy, Cruise Director. She ended up being fired off the show for cocaine addiction after eight seasons but I didn’t know that then. Then the captain’s niece, Vicki started on the show and Julie left my radar.

I think my first TV crush was Shirley Temple. Now since she was a Movie star it might just be a technicality that I discovered her on TV. Plus she was way older than me but I didn’t realize that at the time.

So if you want to skip that as a technicality then Annette Funicello would be first in line. The Mickey Mouse Club was on after school. Again that was an older rerun (15ish years off the air at the time) and I didn’t really put it together that she was older than my parents when I discovered her.

Then there was Quinn Cummings. Her I discovered in The Goodbye Girl. She was on TV before that in Family but I didn’t know that so I’m not sure it counts.

So, the first TV crush that was a current show and somewhat close to my age must have been Joanie Cunningham then on Happy Days. I wanted to kick Chachi’s ass every week. There could be a direct conflict there with one of the Walton girls as well, I was, after all, just discovering.

There have been many more since then up to and including now but I won’t admit that out loud. If it seems like I just did admit that out loud it’s your imagination, trust me.

Until tomorrow…