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Slice 120 of 365

A little story written with other people’s lines. Little Johnny apparently watches too much TV. 

Who can get them all?

Mother: “Johnny go pick up your room.”

Johnny: “You’ve got spunk.”

Mother: “You’ve got attitude.”

Johnny: “Don’t make me angry.”

Mother: “Um excuse me?”

Johnny: “I know nothing!”

Mother: “That is very evident by your grades.”

Johnny: “Would you believe…”

Mother: “No, I wouldn’t.”

Johnny: “Is that your final answer?”

Mother: “You’re impossible, come have lunch first.”

Johnny: “Where’s the beef?”

Mother: “It’s chicken soup.”

Johnny: “No soup for you!”

Mother: “You better watch your mouth young man.”

Johnny: “Stifle.”

Mother: “You just wait until your father gets home, what will you say then?”

Johnny: “Here’s Johnny!”

Until tomorrow