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Slice 118 of 365

10. Life got in the way. I mean literally, there was a giant sized Life game that I couldn’t get around. 

9. It wasn’t my turn to use the brain today. 

8. Seven of my fingers went on strike, two called in sick and the last one is just a screw up. 

7. The voices in my head argued all day and I couldn’t concentrate. 

6. The laws of gravity were unavailable in my house today and I spent all day on the ceiling. 

5. I’m actually a superhero and today was a particularly busy day due to a super villain convention in Vegas. 

4. I spent the day trying to figure out the ending to Lost and went insane. 

3. I was time traveling all day and got back too late, I know, ironic, right?

2. I accidentally looked at Medusa. 

And the number one reason I couldn’t write today…

1. It’s Obamas fault. 

Until tomorrow…