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Slice 116 of 365

When I was little we had an Easter egg hunt every year. In the beginning it was simple, we just looked for eggs. As we grew older my dad started making clues that we had to figure out. As we got yet, even older, the clues became harder still and started stretching across town as I got my drivers license.

I made the mistake of telling my own children this story and put myself behind the 8-ball writing my own clues every year now. I remember going to bed each night the week before Easter and seeing my dad working on clues. He had to write them by hand, I get to type them and print them out. Makes it much easier for mistake corrections.  Plus I can use visuals.

My dad’s clues weren’t exactly rocket science especially in the older years.  More than once we finished in about 20 minutes and went to Friendly’s for breakfast to kill time so we didn’t disappoint him. Pretty sure he was always more excited than we were because he always thought he was clever. Unfortunately not so much.

I don’t remember when I started doing clues for my kids but as they reached teenagedom they wanted harder clues. I started doing coded clues, like mixing up the letters and substituting numbers for letters, offsetting the letters, etc. I’ve used different languages, I used Klingon a few years ago, Morse code, etc.

They still wanted harder so I had to make harder clues plus put them into some kind of code while still making them somewhat doable for my youngest. Who by the way is the usual suspect in wanting harder clues.

Last year was the first time I made the hunt around town where they had to drive.  I made it a bit easier just because the locations would be totally different. I was told, by guess who, that it wasn’t hard enough. I think she might be sorry she said that this year.

Usually I start with the locations first and write the clues around them. I try to do one inside clue and then one outside, etc, etc.  After the clues are written I’ll encoded them some how.

I think Becca might be the only who would miss it if I stopped doing it. Only going to have two kids home this year anyway so we’ll see how that changes the dynamic.

Last years clues are below if you’re interested. I’ll post the answers if enough people desire them.

I guess I should start writing clues.

Until tomorrow…

1. Forever (well for right now at least) $0.49
2. b dmptfe qmbof dvswf dpotjtujoh pg bmm qpjout bu b hjwfo ejtubodf gspn b qpjou xjuijo ju dbmmfe uif dfoufs.
11 of 26
3. veryleanorth
4. manuscripts, tomes far and wide intended for gratis!
5. kawh ot gorauc
6. 30 November 1979 (#11, think pink…) – “The” + Verde
7. -. —  .–. — – …  – …. .-. — .– -.  …. . .-. .  -. — .–  — -. .-.. -.–  .-. …. -.– – …. — .. -.-.  -… — -.. -.–  — — …- . — . -. – …  … . – – —  .-. .- .–. .. -..  – — -. . …
8. 4.14286 stones lost but not across the pond
9. You already have one stamp of approval for this clue. Think inside the box…







10.         The farmer in the __________
                   Here I am! (not the tower)